A little in english to our friends outside Denmark
Who are we ?
Hi,  this is an opening for you who doesn´t speak or read Danish.
Since you are on our site, you must wanna know a little about us.
My name is Jan Michael and have been playing music my whole life. I love music and playes many instruments. Some better than the other of cause, but my main instrument are guitar, and  I love to play on my old MSA pedal steel from 1972. I also play a little bluegrass on my 5 stringed banjo. And mandolin, bodran, autoharp, bass, drums, piano, harps, accordion, whistles, and I sing as well.
By my side I have my daughter, Julie who playes the guitar and sings. She also playes the piano. We recorded in 2006 an album called "ARV, Country & Folk" where we played almost all the instruments ourselves.  The word ARV means heritage. It refers to the fact that my father gave me the urge and need for playing music, and I guess the hability too, and me and my wife passed it on to Julie.  At least that is how I choose see it !
I play at parties and small cafes with my friend Jens, and he and I goes way back. We were together in a countryband we had "Stand & Deliver" from 1991 until 1998, but have continued to work together with the music we both love.
In Stand & Deliver we had the greatest drummer ever seen (or heard!) Kenneth.  Jens , Kenneth and I started a band back in 1994 by the name of "Det ´Biedels". We played at parties and festivals, but Kenneth dropped out in 2003. Jens and I moved on, and are now called Partysanerne .
For a little more than a year ago, we formed a new band, The Rebound, with Jens, Kenneth, Julie (my daughter), Bo (Jens´s son) and myself. We played good country and some rock and roll ballads, and oldies like Creedence Clearwater Revival, Neil Young and that kind. This band ended back in 2011, and since then, we now have our little trio, Songs From Julie, also americana, indie and som countryfolk/ rock. In this moment, we are recording a handfull of new songs (yes from Julie- and Johni and me), and we hope you will like it whenever it is done.
The mastering process, will be in the hands of one of the best in the world, Mr. Holger Lagerfeldt, who lives near by, and has become a good friend of mine. It will be great!
Sorry you can´t read the other pages, but check them out anyway, and listen to the music in the little videosnapsshots ( some by phonecamera so pardon for the quality).
Love from Jan Michael
My beautiful daughter Julie, who is the front in "Songs From Julie"
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